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Guitar Lesson

Are you an aspiring singer or songwriter with dreams of becoming the next recording star ?  Rocket Fuel Records is  looking for talented and creative people like you to join their  amazing artist roster . Our mission is to discover, develop and build a successful recording artist with unsigned new talent. The recording artist will have the opportunity to  work with our proven and experienced music producers and marketing  team. Together they will produce, release and market a professional music single (s).  If you think you've got what it takes to be our next recording artist, send us your URL (eg: youtube channel or website ) or upload your music to our drop box link on the contact form.  Our A&R team is excited to give your music a listen.  

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Drop Box 

Rocket Fuel Records Inc. is a registered and recognized Canadian independent record label.  We have affiliations with major record labels, award winning artist management groups and major  North American recording studios.  

We will not solicit or release any original music  that is not licensed to our music publishing catalogue. 

Only those chosen for consideration will be contacted  by one of our producers.  

Submissions open until: September 1st, 2021


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